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Free Chapter

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But what is a Free Chapter?” Is the common question asked - Simply it’s a group of Harley Davidson enthusiasts enjoying the good things life has to offer like riding bikes and having fun.
The camaraderie amongst the members are extremely high as we go for quality rather than quantity. Every action is done because we want to do it and we like doing it!!

We are united by the love for the open road and its adventures. We call ourselves FREE because we refuse to be dictated to by retail dealerships,
but we remain proud to wear the H.O.G.® Eagle for its spirit and ethics.
We are independent!

Every Sunday we have breakfast rides. during the year we attend numerous rallies, organise our own weekend get aways and parties and are constantly invited and respected by other clubs.

Membership to the Free Chapter GAUTENG is strictly on an application only basis! We do not solicit, poach or coerce members of local H.O.G.® Chapters, or other riding fraternities.We are part of the International federation _Free Chapter based all over the world with the 1st Chapter in South Africa being the Gauteng Free Chapter based in Johannesburg - the second one in Cape town as well as The Namibian chapter based in Windhoek. Monthly meetings are held which all members attend -democracy rules! If you want to explore what Freedom is really like - contact Chieff on or 0832753994 or alternatively on our contact page's Contact form

It is important to acknowledge that we are not associated to H.O.G.® S.S.A or any local Harley-Davidson retail dealerships. Neither do we purport to represent any local Chapter.

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All members of The Free Chapter Gauteng will be active members of H.O.G.® International of their own free choice

DISCLAIMER : Free Chapter Gauteng is not a registered Harley Owners Group H.O.G.® Chapter neither do we purport to be & is not affilliated to any Harley-Davidson® Retail Dealership or part of Harley-Davidson Motor Company Inc. This website is also in no way affiliated to any of the above. Copyright 2016 – Gauteng - All rights reserved.
All trademarks, trade names & logos remain the property of their respective owners. Harley-Davidson, Harley Owners Group, H.O.G. and Ladies of Harley are the registered trademarks of Harley-Davidson Motor Company. No endorsement of any linked site or product is expressed or implied. We are a member of the Free Chapter Federation France.